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Introducing Reconstructor Water: Restore and Revive Damaged Hair!


Say hello to Reconstructor Water, a specially formulated solution designed for damaged and chemically treated hair. With a potent blend of Panthenol, Amino Acids, and Vitamin E, this innovation works wonders in reclaiming your hair's healthy allure. It forms a protective shield to ensure its resilience and vitality.

Experience the transformative magic of Reconstructor Water as it repairs, shields, and nourishes your hair. Its antioxidative prowess untangles hair, prolongs color vibrancy, and tames frizz. The outcome? Silky, lustrous locks that gleam with extraordinary radiance.

Not only does Reconstructor Water offer thermal defense, but it also embraces the added benefits of built-in sunscreen. Elevate your hair care game with the care it truly deserves through Reconstructor Water from Image Hair Care.

  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Shields hair from further damage
  • Enhances color vibrancy
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Infuses softness, silkiness, and intense shine 🌸✨

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